Extended Universe

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This week we’re bringing you a special bonus edition of the podcast. I recently attended the Hoover SciFi/Fantasy Festival here in the Birmingham, Alabama area. I headed up a panel at that event where we talked about the Star Trek Extended Universe. This is all of the novels and comic books that have been released over the decades under the Star Trek banner. If you have read any of this material then you’ll probably hear us mention a few titles that you recognize. If you’ve never read a Star Trek novel then get a pen and paper ready to jot down some titles because there is some great stuff out there.

Joining me on the panel was MarkAdam Miller who you’ve heard before on some of the other convention panels that I’ve published. He was also on a classic episode of The Prime Direction when I was hosting that podcast. He’s the leader of the local chapter of the Star Trek Fan Club which they call USS Hephaestus.

We also had David C. Roberson. He has joined us once or twice. He’s one of the hosts of Star Trek Universe as well as DC On Screen.

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