Episode 221: Put the Gold Baby on the Mantel


Movie character Battle Royale featuring John Wick, Ethan Hunt, James Bond and more 1:05-- James Gunn is building a Brightburn movie universe 12:50--more Harry Potter books on the way...kind of 16:16--Chris Hemsworth fought for Fat Thor 20:07--in Japan you can have Pokemon weddings 23:48--discussion of Pokemon, sex and Pokemon sex, it gets weird 25:30--Robert Downey Junior and voice of Mulan inducted as Disney legends along with several others 29:58--P.T. is a very scary game that you can not share 35:35--first guest reviews of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge 39:48--Death Stranding 43:46--Wesley Snipes to star in new Zombie film 46:22--re-reviews of Aladdin, Brightburn and a review of Booksmart 49:12.

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